Planting Potatoes: the definitive guide
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Seed Potatoes

Grown in Dumfries and Galloway


High Quality Scottish Seed Potatoes produced by Jamieson Bros of Annan.

Our range of seed potatoes is grown by Jamieson Brothers, based in Annan, from virus free tested stock.

All our crops are inspected and certified regularly by DEFRA Plant Health Inspectors.

Here are a few examples of the potato varieties available to buy direct from the growers at JBA.

Anya Potatoes (Second Early).  Cross between Desiree and Pink Fir Apple.

Arran Pilot (First Early). Greyish white flesh with a firm waxy texture which does not disintigrate on cooking. A pleasing flavour.

Bonnie Dundee (First Early) Ancient old Scottish variety, now exclusive to JBA.

Cara (Maincrop) Hugely popular maincrop with white skin and pink coloured eyes.

Charlotte Potatoes (Second early) >>> An early to mid season potato with long oval tubers. Yellow fleshed of excellent cooking quality. Good for salads.

Desiree Potatoes (Maincrop) >>> A maincrop potato with long oval red skinned tubers with light yellow flesh. Good cooking quality, ideal for mash and creamed potato.

International Kidney (First early) >>> A very early potato. Long oval shaped tubers with yellow skin and creamy white flesh of waxy texture. Good flavour, boils well, and is excellent for salad use.

King Edward (Maincrop >>> An attractive high quality potato for table use. White flesh which rarely discolours after cooking. An old variety, but still very popular.

Maris Piper (Maincrop). A very good all-round table potato with dry, floury, creamy white flesh. An excellent chipper.

Pentland Javelin (Maincrop) >>> Oval tubers, mild flavor and soft floury texture. Good all round table variety and a good baker.

Pink Fir Apple (Maincrop) Award winning long, unusual shaped heritage variety exclusive to JBA.

Rooster Potatoes (Maincrop) Well known tasty maincrop, now available from JBA.

Shetland Black (Second Early) Purple skinned heritage variety with distinctive purple ring inside the flesh.  Tasty and unusual, very popular for dinner parties.

You can now order the full range direct from the growers at JBA Seed Potatoes.

Chitting potatoes for planting